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A Special Experience

This year everything at the TU Austria Innovation Marathon is online, there're no physical meetings. But everything really has worked so far. The team was really convinced before, that it could work, that was the sumption and now it is really nice to see, that things are working out as we planned them to.

The coaches are usually working in companies with companies. Now they're working with a team of students from all over the world. The huge difference? The energy you get from a very mixed and diverse student team with different backrounds and different studies. They challenge each other, they have very different perspectives because they're engineers, they're medical students, they have different backrounds and different cultures they're coming from. That's definitely good for some heat debates and very interesting ideas.

So far it was really exciting to see the students share their first ideas and the details of it, that they have been fearlessly working on with the company representatives and see the first reactions from there.

That gives them the energy they need to finish their concepts during the night.

Get the whole behind-the-scences experience on Videos of this year's TU Austria Innovation Marathon can be found on YouTube

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