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The 24th hour :)

Finally we have entered the 24th hour! There is excitement in the room as the teams present their prototypes to the company representatives for the first time. After discussing the solutions which they have come up with in the last 23 hours, it is time for the big show.

There are two important rules for the presentation: 1.) no PowerPoints (or any kind of slideshow) are allowed, 2.) the teams have exactly 2 minutes to make their pitch during the show.

Though, huh?

The audience is slowly gathering in the auditorium while the teams are transporting their prototypes to the scene of the pitches. I can already see the prototype of a huge drill, a fridge and an electric charging station next to the stage. What will they make out of it? We'll see in half an hour.

Don't miss out on the live streaming of the final show at 8:30. To join, just click here.

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