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Prototyping through the night

After the coffee machine has been reloaded, there are no obstacles in the way of a successful ending of the Marathon! :)

The atmosphere has been surprisingly relaxed and the teams have spent most of the time in a good mood.

Just before midnight the teams stepped over to the prototyping phase. This is when most of the teams got really energised - after the long understanding, analysing and ideating phases finally they got to the 'doing' part of the process.

The students received all kinds of materials, from straws through play-doh to huge pieces of cardboard. Then the experimentation begun.

The goal is to prepare tangible prototypes which can be presented on the stage and which are bigger than life-size so that they are visible for the audience sitting in the auditorium. Apart from having fun and enjoying the concepts coming to life, it is also time for the preparation of the pitches.

We'll get back to you when the prototypes are ready. :)

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