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It's all about energy! :)

We have reached half-time!!! :) From 19:30 the teams had 1.5 hours of free-time. Some used it to go on with their projects, some of them participated in the yoga session offered by Christina, one of our multidisciplinary Innovation Coaches, and some of them went for a relaxing walk.

Then the room has filled up again and it was time to reload the batteries with a fun energizer. What else could it be than the year-after-year favourite of our participants: the CUP SONG! :)

I think the photos talk for themselves, so here's a little gallery.

Wow, you can feel the energy building up by all the laughter!

If you don't know the cup song don't miss out, here's the video we have also showed to the group:

And yes, they did it! Well, of course except for the singing. :)

The teams are now back to work. They still have more than 10 hours to go until the final show at 8:30 in the morning.

If you go to sleep, please also send some energy to them. They are going to need it in the upcoming hours.

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