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It's dark outside, but we have bright ideas in here!

Ideation time! It is getting dark outside, and after analyzing for many hours, it is now finally time to get creative. The teams are back at their desks (or in the ball pool), using all the information and interpretations they have gathered over the past hours.

One very easy brainstorming technique is "1, 2, Everyone": First, everyone generates ideas by themselves, then they discuss and build on these in pairs and then finally present them to the group, which can spark new ideas once more. This way, it is way easier for introverted people to contribute to the group and for everything to be documented, so they can come back to the ideas later.

But even when applying a proven brainstorming technique, it is crucial to have a collaborative mindset: Instead of saying "Yes, BUT... [insert reason why this can't work], say: Yes, AND [this is how it could work]. Through not cutting off team members, a lot more ideas can be collected. Maybe the solution someone suggested was not the perfect one, but in combination with another one, it is!

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