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TUAIM Helpers: The Innovation Coaches

This year as well, the students are not alone on their journey. The competent innovation coaches from Integrated Consulting Group stand by their side to guide them on the way. But what do they actually do to help them?

"Basically, we give them structure", says Christina Duller from ICG." We provide them with tools, methods and templates."

Sure, they could research these on the internet as well, but the coaches know exactly which one to use at which point, in which constellation, with which team, under which circumstances. That is the great value they bring into the Innovation-Marathon.

When they are not helping with structure, they serve as motivators. The journey of an innovation team is never only sunny: Great ideas need creative friction and with deverse backgrounds, challenging tasks and sleep deprivation it can get a little tense within a team. That's when the innovation coaches chip in to remind them that this is just part of the journey.

And they know this journey very well, having organized and supported the Innovation-Marathon for several years now. "Still, it's always a little different, they say. Let's see what will happen this year!

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