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The gong has been bung...

... and the TU Austria Innovation-Marathon has started!

The 8 student teams have officially found out in which companies' shoes they will stand in during the next 24 hours and now they dive right into the tasks.

This year, the tasks are as diverse as the students' backgrounds: Some teams will imagine what it will be like to live in small spaces in the future, while others generate solutions for caregiving.

Sponsors for tasks this year are AVL, Constantia Flexibles, Energie Steiermark, Liebherr, Logicdata, Magna Steyr, Philips and Voestalpine.

Eric Armengaud from AVL was excited about the great input he received at this early stage: "They immediately started to put the information in their own context. It was so fruitful to just hear the questions they were asking, they already opened up new solution spaces."

This is due to the great diversity of backgrounds of the students and their completely different views and experiences with topics. In each team, there are students who are very close to the topic, studying it or working in a similars field, as well as students who have nothing to do with it.

That is why the solutions generated during the TU Austria Innovation-Marathon are much more likely to be radical and futuristic.

So stay tuned for what will happen next!

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