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THE Cup Song

Halftime! The students have been working for 12 hours, time for an energizer!

But before, they had a two hour break to charge their batteries and get some distance from their tasks. This is very important when going through an innovation process like this one, as by taking a break and letting the brain process everything, the students are able to seperate the two different phases the marathon consists of: The analysis and the ideation phase.

While the analysis phase needs plenty of discussion, evaluating and questioning, the next phase is all about cooperation and saying YES! What better time to do a common exercise then?

For the cup song, everyone gets a cup and does a rhythmic exercise with it, before passing it to their neighbour. The cup song needs concentration, coordination, musicability, rhythm, teamwork, ...

But there is no way to describe the energy that is set free during the cup song, so let it speak for itself:

OK, we were not quite as good as they are in the video, but we had fun! ;-)

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