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Diverse teams – diverse ideas

After the cup song, the teams are now diving into the phase of idea generation. At the beginning of this phase it is vital to collect as many ideas as possible and to think in broad terms. ‘Especially in the ideation phase a variety of cultural backgrounds, diversity in academic disciplines, a mix of men and women, younger and older team members contribute to diverse, unexpected and sometimes also crazy ideas’, Stefan from the innovation coach crew explains. This is a result of various effects; one simple reason, however, is that more diverse teams also better represent all possible consumers of a company’s product or service and its needs.

This year’s teams come from more than ten different countries: South Africa, Israel, India, Turkey, Latvia, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary, China, Taiwan, Germany, and not surprisingly Austria :-)


Academic careers range from architecture, material sciences, electrical and mechanical engineering, global studies, psychology, sociology, nutrition, chemistry, business, general management, politics and more.

And not to forget to mention the huge diversity in sleeping styles :-)

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