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The Students of the TU Austria Innovation-Marathon

You learn a lot in university: Whether it is the knowledge that is tested in the exams or it is the social skills you develop as you go your way through all the courses. But there are a few things waiting in the real world, which the traditional format of going to courses, reading books and discussing with fellow students cannot teach.

One, working in interdisciplinary teams. As students go about their academic career, they are usually surrounded by student from their own field of study – speaking a certain language, thinking a certain way, developing a certain kind of common knowledge. But project teams are mostly composed of experts from different fields and having experienced it first hand before, can give them a great advantage in their later career.

But this is not the only reason the teams of the TU Austria Innovation-Marathon are so carefully chosen: To be innovative, it is crucial to have many different viewpoints to come up with a wide range of solutions. Imagine what a physicist and a ballerina could invent! What would a prototype of an electrical engineer and a sports student look like?

Two, what place is better to test the skills that were already acquired than in a company setting itself? The students get to show their knowledge and see how good they are doing compared to other high performers from all over the world.

Three, the TU Austria Innovation-Marathon gives students the chance to meet up with company representatives personally – and who knows – maybe they get to see them again one day in the company’s office!

But then again, who are we to tell you what it is like going through the Innovation-Marathon as a student? Check out Philip Rouschal, a former marathonee, talk about his experiences and reasons why he joined here:

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