August 22, 2019

We have reached half-time!!! :)
From 19:30 the teams had 1.5 hours of free-time. Some used it to go on with their projects, some of them participated in the yoga session offered by Christina, one of our multidisciplinary Innovation Coaches, and some of them went for a relaxing walk.

Then the room has filled up again and it was time to reload the batteries with a fun energizer. What else could it be than the year-after-year favourite of our participants: the CUP SONG! :)

I think the photos talk for themselves, so here's a little gallery.

Wow, you can feel the energy building up by all the laughter!

If you don't know the cup song don't miss out, here's the video we have also showed to the group:

And yes, they did it! Well, of course except for the singing. :)

The teams are now back to work. They still have more than 10 hours to go until the final show at 8:30 in the morning.

If you go to sleep, please also send some energy to them. They are going to need it in the upcoming hours.

August 22, 2019

In innovation diversity is key. That's exactly why we are so proud of the diverse background of the participating students, and also of the wide variety of the projects brought by the partner companies.

Some facts about the diversity of our teams:

This year we received almost 170 applications from students for the 40 available places. There are more than 20 countries represented amongst the participants.
These are: Albania, Austria, Belarus, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA and Zambia.

The fields of study of the participants range from architecture to automation, eco design & renewable energy systems, health sciences, biotechnology, international law, philosophy, Southeast Asian studies, technical chemistry and many more.

This is what I call a perfect cocktail of diverse backgrounds and an exciting mixture of fields of interest! :)

The team members in...

August 22, 2019

The TU Wien publishing team is working hard to make the event accessible and well-documented on several sites. They are frequently posting photos and videos during the 24-hour challenge, so it's worth checking out! :)

So here's where you can follow the event besides our blog - just click on the links below:

On facebook

The official page of the Innovation Marathon

The offical page of the three Austrian Universities of Technology:

TU Wien

TU Graz

TU Leoben

On twitter

TU Wien on twitter

On LinkedIn

TU Wien on LinkedIn

On YouTube

TU Wien YouTube channel

August 22, 2019

The teams still have 17 hours to go, and we're back with another four of the challenges. :)

Altogether there are eight topics brought to us by the partner companies: ams, Constantia Flexibles, Energie Steiermark, Hilti AG, LIEBHERR, LOGICDATA, PALFINGER and Philips. On the cover photo you can see a lovely picture of the company representatives participating in the event.

In the previous post we have introduced four of them, and now we are coming with the other half of the pack.


The first challenge in this post is presented by LIEBHERR, a family owned company founded by Dr.-Ing. E. h. Hans Liebherr in 1949. They have over 130 companies worldwide, active in almost 50 countries. The division for refrigeration and household appliances has five production sites, one of those is located in Lienz (Austria) with a special focus on commercial applications.

In Lienz 1.400 employees are manufacturing 420.000 appliances a year.

The team working on their challenge is working on innovative solut...

August 22, 2019

After 3 hours of the teams individually analysing the topics and their business context, the company representatives are back! Now the students have the opportunity to briefly present their understanding of the situation and maybe eves share their first ideas.

This year's challenges are brought to us by eight partner companies: ams, Constantia Flexibles, Energie Steiermark, Hilti AG, LIEBHERR, LOGICDATA, PALFINGER and Philips.

But what exactly are these challenges? Let's see the first four!


So the first partner in this list of introduction is ams, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced sensor solutions. Their mission is to shape the world with sensor solutions by providing a seamless interface between humans and technology.

During the TU Austria Innovation Marathon the student team is working on solutions regarding
sensors to enrich social media interaction.

Constantia Flexibles

Second in line of the introductions is Constantia Flexibles, one of the world's leading man...

August 22, 2019

8 teams, 8 challenges and 24 hours. The sound of the gong travels through the room as the countdown begins at the start of the 6th 24-hour TU Austria Innovation Marathon.

Challenges are revealed to the teams by the company representatives at the start of the first phase. In the coming hours the main task of the students will be to get a deep understanding of the topic and the task at hand. First they have 30 minutes to discuss the challenges with the company representatives, then they will work by themselves for the coming 3 hours to deep-dive into their topic and formulate questions.

August 21, 2019

Excitement rises as we get closer and closer to the start of the 24-hour challenge. This year’s Innovation Marathon has officially started today with the kick-off where the participants and the company representatives have met each other for the first time.

Current president of the TU Austria and the Rector of TU Wien, Sabine Seidler has welcomed the students, company representatives and special guests to the 6th Innovation Marathon. She shared her thoughts on TU Austria Innovation Marathon being a great opportunity for students to try out and apply theories in practice – one of the leading initiatives of TU Wien. She said the event also makes it possible for the participating companies to get fresh ideas and to build on the out-of-the-box perspectives coming from the students.

After a short introduction by the Austrian Patent Office, who is also a partner of the Innovation Marathon, the participants learned more about the agenda of the 24 hours long challenge.

Tomorrow exactly at 9 o’clo...

August 29, 2018

A few days have passed and we all caught up on some sleep, so now it's time to share with you the amazing video about this years' marathon!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and see you next year, hopefully! 

August 24, 2018

It is 3 o'clock in the morning and while some teams are finishing up their solution concepts, others are already prototyping.

We are glad that our neighbours, the exhibitioners of the Forum Alpbach Technology Symposium have already gone to sleep and we have all the space for ourselves! 

August 24, 2018

Ideation time! It is getting dark outside, and after analyzing for many hours, it is now finally time to get creative. The teams are back at their desks (or in the ball pool), using all the information and interpretations they have gathered over the past hours. 

One very easy brainstorming technique is "1, 2, Everyone": First, everyone generates ideas by themselves, then they discuss and build on these in pairs and then finally present them to the group, which can spark new ideas once more. This way, it is way easier for introverted people to contribute to the group and for everything to be documented, so they can come back to the ideas later.

But even when applying a proven brainstorming technique, it is crucial to have a collaborative mindset: Instead of saying "Yes, BUT... [insert reason why this can't work], say: Yes, AND  [this is how it could work]. Through not cutting off team members, a lot more ideas can be collected. Maybe the solution someone suggested was not the pe...

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